Construction Variations #1: To ___ Is To ___

Five Examples of the Preset Pattern’s Variations


Ah, young pupil. To fail is to improve. No artist gets it right on the first try.


To feel the frigid winds whilst dangling upside-down by bungee cord’s half-inch thread is to feel every victory and mishap, every warm tear and cold kiss, every memory rush in and out of consciousness within seconds.


Eh, whaddya gonna do? “To love is to lose” or somethin’, amiright?


To slip in my pronunciation of that single syllable for two seconds in that thirty-minute speech is basically to pee my pants in a $400 dollar blazer.


To run outside but get stung by bees anyway is to be 10, free, and alive…! Now I let the bees sting me and don’t protest.

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