Word Choice Exercise #1

I found this exercise in Henneke Duistermaat’s article, Word Choice: How to Play With Words (and Find Your Voice), on her website, enchantingmarketing.com. Check out her stuff and learn how to stylize your prose!

Five Character Variations of: “I’m a … and I’m on a mission to …”


I’m a carpenter, yes, I just spotted mold by your electrical outlet, hm? I’m on a mission to do my job but with such a mess how can I do my job for you?


Hiya! I cashier here at Monae’s Boutique, so lovely of you to stop in! Is this for an anniversary or a first date? I can see the butterflies in your eyes—smile!—I’ve got just the flowers to make her day.


Yeah. I work at Monae’s, you lost? Well sorry, I don’t get paid to give directions, my job’s to sell flowers. The other employers trashed my resume.


I-I’m… Hi, I’m Caden. My mommy dropped me off for furst day school. I’m fourth grade…


Portia Clementine, junior reporter for the Onyx Observer, here to stomp the gas so your story will be free and be heard by millions of Americans and so your life will be saved.

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