Word Choice Exercise #2

I found this exercise in Henneke Duistermaat’s article, Word Choice: How to Play With Words (and Find Your Voice), on her website, enchantingmarketing.com. Check out her stuff and learn how to stylize your prose!

Five Character Variations of: “I’m a … and I’m on a mission to …”


Hi good evening I’m Phil with Nurture our Nature would you be interested in signing to— *thunk*


Madame Iris sees all, through maw of her crystal ball. Come, stranger, I’ve been expecting you for some time now. Answer destiny… answer the spirit’s call!


You call that a sit-up? C’mon! You’re here to crush some iron witha hammer! If you’re gonna pick tulips I’ll throw you in the dirt myself!


James scratched his back with his left hand while holding the notepad in his right. He’d barely written a word of what the witness, who was still ranting, had said. What was Janice doing right now? Did she put the kids to sleep? Darn, sleep. James forgot to buy that eye mask at Rite Aid. With his left hand he wrote in his notepad, buy eye mask from Rite Aid.


Hello all. Thank you for stopping by tonight, to sooth your stresses and to gently revitalize your spirits. Yes, I thank you, but more important is that you thank yourselves. As we come down to child’s pose, let out one, long breath, and thank yourself until your breath is complete.

3 thoughts on “Word Choice Exercise #2

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like them 😆 The exercise has been pretty gratifying. It lets me let loose with my voice in a way I don’t always do in stories. Also, I love techniques like “witha” as one word, gotta do that more often!


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